Scholarship Information

Mohave Community College Foundation Scholarship
Women Making History (Kingman Area)

  1. Name of Scholarship:  Women Making History (Kingman Area)
  2. Type of Scholarship:  Financial Need
  3. Award Preferences:
    1. Female students registered at the Kingman Campus; students registered at the Kingman Campus but enrolled in required classes or programs available only at other MCC campuses also qualify.
    2. Residents of the Kingman area, which includes residents of northeast Mohave County, south of the Colorado River; does not include Colorado River Communities.
    3. Demonstrates financial need as determined by the MCC Financial Aid Office.
    4. GPA of 2.8 or higher
    5. Full-time student (12 credits or more)
    6. Recipient must allow MCC Foundation to disclose name and contact information to the Women Making History (WMH) Committee for purposes of being included as part of the organization’s annual awards ceremony in Feb/March of each year.  If there are reasons for not allowing disclosure, WMH should be advised and may make allowances for awarding without disclosure.
  4. Funding Frequency:  The Women Making History (WMH) Committee will award scholarships to one or more students annually, as funds permit.
  5. Amount to be awarded each year:  The WMH Committee will notify the Foundation each year as to the number and dollar amount of scholarships available.  WMH relies on its annual fundraising efforts to fund scholarships.  Historically, awards have ranged from $500/year/student to $800/year/student.
Scholarship applications are closed for the 2023-2024 year.